NIEV EDUCATION is situated at Mandawali, I.P. Extn. East Delhi.

NIEV ENGLISH INSTITUTE is situated at Mandawali, I.P. Extn. East Delhi. It is the center of education where many students are getting education. NIEV has given education to approximately 5000 students many of them are doctors, engineers, advocates and so on. NIEV has designed career of school students and has helped them in scoring good percentage, helped job seekers to get their desired job and has also helped professionals to get promotions and hike in salary. In addition, life of so many housewives has changed after learning ENGLISH from NIEV.

English has become very important part of corporate world as well as for social life. The better we speak English the better we get job as well as better standard in life. Identifying the significance of ENGLISH language in the career, NIEV has incorporated new and unique methods of teaching which help to bring improvement in English. NIEV has practical projects which help too much in Listening, Speaking, Writing AND Reading (L.S.W.R) to design career of professionals (executives), students and bring change in life of housewives.